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I got back in

After weeks of you have no account, We are back!!!!

Bunday snuggles

Me and Momma

To remind you who we are

We have been quiet on our journal recently, a mix of a poorly Momma and another nommy internet cable has meant that we have not posted as much as we would like! So let's catch up with what we have been up to!!!

Firstly we have eaten a load of dandemelions!!

We have started to kick everything out of our litter tray - this is now a daily occurrence and has the two foots very confused as to why we are doing this!!

We have nommed oodles of hay, spreading it across the floor so there are noms wherever we decide to flop!!

We met a blind hedgehog called Frank and decided to sponsor him so he is always looked after by the rescue people!

The afore mentioned internet cable!!!

Finally, definitely our chair!!

We'll update you all on our next mission soon!!!

Double Kerflop

When you've just chased Momma round for 20 minutes to get more treats you just need to relax!

Everybunneh is asleep

Keeping up with the tradition at Jolly Burrows that Saturday afternoon is spent asleep, I give you the following....

Only Momma is awake!!

Am I comfortable?

Of course I'm comfortable, I am schnuggling with my bestest friend and sistur, Zellie!!

Cuggles with Momma

So there I was minding my own business when Momma came home from work, picked me up and gave me big kisses

don't tell her, but I lubs her berry much!
After Momma and Dadda went to bed last night we were a little bored and decided to have some fun with our, Dadda's, chair!
This was the scene that greeted Momma this morning!!

Ta Dahhhhhh!!

It's our chair Daddy

Sorry Daddy, we've taken the chair furever now!! Xxx

A beautiful hole in the furpet

we are having a well deserved flop and rest after creating the rather amazing hole in the carpet while the apes were asleep!!